Monday, 12 November 2018

3 Nifty Tips to Read before Visiting the Colosseum in Rome

Rome is one of those cities where art and life blends in seamlessly. It’s the cradle of the Renaissance, as well as the fulcrum of the great Roman Empire. It’s here that the spectacular Colosseum stands tall – since Middle Ages, the Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheater is regarded as the mighty icon of the Eternal City. And, of course it is a tourists’ delight. Each year, more than 6 million tourists visit it.
Below, we present top 3 tips for exploring the Colosseum in Rome – minus nightmare kind of feels. Yes, long queues, blinding sunshine and hordes and hordes of people can send anyone in a tizzy!

Skip the Line with Colosseum Tours

The long meandering queue outside the Colosseum may lead you to a light panic attack. But, fret not; favor yourself by opting for Tours of the Colosseum: it helps you dodge the line and explore the ancient ruins in the most dramatic way.
The ruins of the ancient city and Colosseum are breathtakingly glorious – explore them with English speaking local guide and immerse yourself in the caput mundi’s golden era of ad hoc urban development.

Comfortable Shoes Take You a Long Way

Adieu heels! Trust us, you won’t like to totter around the vast Colosseum in heels. The ancient pathways of the Colosseum and the Forum are dotted with rough stones, which can pose great inconvenience if you walk in heels.
Besides walking, you need to do a lot of climbing for exploring the upper levels of the ancient stadium and the Palatine Hill. Hence, flat shoes or sneakers with good traction are a life-saver.

A Sheer Beauty at Night

The Colosseum at night looks magical! The silence across the ancient stone corridors is the most atmospheric at night. Especially, after the crowds disperse.It’s the ideal time to stroll around the perimeters of the amphitheatre and gawk at the mammoth stone structure, which once hosted deadly gladiator combats. Feeling shivers up your spine, aren’t you? Planning a trip to Rome? You may find our Vatican & Colosseum Tour helpful!


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